KPMG released today its bi-annual (I think) Competitive Alternatives report, a guide to comparing the costs of doing business in 10 countries.  The study reviews business costs such as labour, facilities, transportation, utilities and taxes.  Also, because the study compares all countries to the US as a base, currency fluctuations are a significant influence. The good news for Canadians?  Canada remains number two on the cost competitiveness list, behind Mexico.  The US dropped to 8th, from 3rd in 2008 – largely explained by the decline in the US dollar. More good news for Canadians?  Business taxes are now the lowest in any of the G7 countries.  That is, until Ignatieff gets hold of us of course… check out free spins casinos The KPMG reoport is an excellent read and can be found HERE Posted by Scott Sinclair, Range Capital Advisors, Range Corp.