Our client (the “Company”) is seeking a strategic investor or partner for its Canadian based unmanned aerial vehicle (“UAV”) business. The Company’s UAVs and related services are intended for industrial use, specifically high resolution digital imaging and other data capture from various sensors, in numerous sectors including, but not limited to, mine exploration and production, energy, utilities, forestry, agriculture and defense & public safety.

The Company has designed, develops and custom manufactures proprietary, leading edge UAVs, including fixed wing and helicopter designs. The UAVs are sold directly to customers or are used by the Company to provide data capture services as part of a service contract. The Company has also developed UAV flight training modules that it uses to provide training as part of a product sale or as a separate service to industrial customers.

The Company is privately held and is a small, effectively pre-revenue operation. However, with limited capital, it has designed and built proprietary UAVs capable of carrying and managing varied data capture devices, secured and maintained numerous highly sought after federal aerial licenses in Canada and the United States, successfully completed several data imaging contracts, proving the capabilities of the UAVs and the team, and assembled an excellent in-house team of experts, including the Company’s founder and CEO who is a world leading expert in UAV military and industrial applications.

An investment or partnership with the Company is a unique, turnkey opportunity for interest parties to engage with a cutting edge participant in this rapidly emerging industry. The Company will consider controlling and non-controlling investments, licensing, partnerships or other similar transactions. Opportunities can be focused on the Company in its entirety or on the various lines of business of the Company, specifically, UAV custom production, UAV data capture services and training.

The total required investment is ideally in the range of $500,000 to $1.5 million. The investor can expect to benefit significantly from the existing aerial licenses, the know-how and bill of materials for the custom made UAVs, the Company’s excellent industry reputation and the continued service of the current CEO.

Interested parties should contact the undersigned. At Sinclair Range’s discretion, a non-disclosure agreement will be sent to you for execution (the “NDA”). Following receipt of the executed NDA, Sinclair Range and the Company will be available for discussion and due diligence disclosure.

This communication is not, and under no circumstances is to be construed as, an offering or solicitation by our client or Sinclair Range Inc. Please direct enquiries to:

Olga Jilani
Vice President
Sinclair Range Inc.
Mobile:   (416) 802-0118
Email:  ojilani@sinclairrange.com