Range Advisors provides advice and solutions to companies going through significant change.  For example, our clients may be strained for capital because of rapid growth, buying or selling a business, reorganizing or replacing a key executive.

Those who know us best will tell you we particularly excel at corporate turnarounds – providing going concern solutions to troubled businesses.  Already, in the first two weeks of 2012, our small turnaround team has been asked to advise in various capacities on six unique troubled situations.  These companies are located throughout the US and Canada and range in industries from manufacturing, distribution, services and real estate.

Its early days, but it feels like 2012 will be the year of the turnaround.

In recognition of the theme, I thought it well time we tackle some more turnaround topics on this site.

HERE is a Globe & Mail article on Ten Tips for a Successful Turnaround.  Readers will know I’m usually critical of these advice pieces in the Globe & Mail.  But this one from last December is sufficiently well done and on point that I saved it to share with you.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will explore some of these tips in further depth, as well as additional tips and guidance from the turnaround trenches.

Posted by Scott Sinclair

Range Corporate Advisors provides multidisciplinary solutions to medium and small businesses requiring transitional, transactional or management assistance.