This is a re-post taken from an Ottawa Business Journal article written a few years ago by Bruce Firestone who was then entrepreneur-in-residence at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa.

The list is ten principles for start-ups, credited to Sir Terrence Matthews.  I like them a lot and believe they should be posted on the wall of every entrepreneur.  In my experience, nearly all business plans and financing presentations could be significantly improved with strict adherence to these principles. The list is as follows:

1. Early attachment to the customer

2. Follow the fastest (least effort) route to revenue

3. Be consistent with enterprise goals

4. Team-focused – superstars park your egos at the door

5. Follow your mentor’s advice

6. Create a great business first and cool technology second

7. Keep your costs down

8. Leverage the investment with government grants and other people’s money

9. Follow a global mandate – Canada is too small to be the primary focus

10. Go after every geography and every vertical Posted by Scott Sinclair, Range Advisors Our passion is to support business owners in pursuit of their dreams.

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