TAKE NOTICE THAT on March 16, 2015, the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench granted an order approving the sale procedures that govern the process for soliciting and selecting bids for the sale of the undertaking, property and assets of Leader Energy Services Ltd. (the “Company”). Range Corporate Advisors Inc. (“Range Advisors”) is soliciting proposals from strategic and financial parties for all or part of the assets and business of the Company, including accounts receivable, inventory of coil tubing, N2 and parts, coil tubing and support units and goodwill. Bids are due April 20, 2015.

Headquartered in Calgary and operating in Grande Prairie, Alberta, the Company provides well completion and stimulation services for the oil and gas sector. Its well completion services are comprised of coiled tubing services, including clean-out, plug retrieval, drill-outs/milling, bit and scraper runs, perforating, and fluid displacement; along with nitrogen and fluid pumping services. The rigs available for sale include 7 coil tubing units, 6 nitrogen units, 3 fluid pumpers and 5 bulkers.

Interested parties may obtain additional information by contacting Range Advisors at:

Range Corporate Advisors Inc.

Attention: Scott Sinclair, Managing Director

Phone: (416) 844-7682

Email: ssinclair@rangeadvisors.com