HERE is an interesting article by Ryan Caligiuri in the Globe and Mail.  The article focuses on the reasons innovation is so difficult at accounting and law firms.

We agree with this writer and further add that middle market and smaller clients require innovative services more than ever from professional service providers to help them compete and build their business.

At Range Advisors, we aim to address and meet the diverse range of corporate needs of companies as they grow or need to make strategic changes through restructuring and M&A.  We have identified that in addition to standalone service providers – like legal, accounting, marketing, among others – companies need strategic advisory services that have deep knowledge in all facets of a company’s operations, growth plans and its marketplace.

Accordingly, we have assembled a diverse team of professionals who have not only specialized skill sets and experience in accounting, operations, marketing, legal, capital markets, among other areas, our key differentiator is that our professionals have worked in multiple roles and have developed – and offer – important strategic advisory skills that best help a company maximize its performance in its marketplace.

Range has also been innovative in billing clients not by the hour – as accounting and legal firms do – but by fixed payment and success fees based upon the accomplishments of Range’s efforts.

In summary, our philosophy at Range is to make sure that we are completely aligned with our clients goals in the most effective manner and the most accountable manner possible.  To use an analogy, we consider our role to be the strategic advisory glue between a company’s management team and their service providers to best maximize all facets of a company operations and growth objectives.


Posted by Ray Kindiak,  Managing Director, Range Advisors

Our passion is to support business owners in pursuit of their dreams.

We believe that for professional advice to be truly valuable to medium, small and entrepreneurial businesses, the adviser’s professional skills must be world-class, the adviser must participate in the effective execution of the solution and the advice must be affordable by the business. With this, these businesses can overcome all challenges (edit)