Setilla Brand of Women’s Wellness Products to Become Global Leader in Cannabidiol-Derived Health Solutions

NEW YORK, TORONTO – June 3, 2019 – Sinclair Range is pleased to announce the formation of Setilla Inc. (Setilla), the first CBD focused company led by women and dedicated exclusively to women’s health with its suite of research supported, natural CBD infused wellness products.

Setilla is formed in partnership with founders Patty Djan, a seasoned entrepreneur and management consultant for clinical research networks, Anna Nesterova, an experienced biomedical technology professional with a focus on the medical device industry and Olga Jilani, a corporate advisor with a track record in capital raising and the cannabis industry.  The Setilla team has extensive experience with online marketing platforms, digital branding and strategies that are critical to bring the brand to success.

Setilla will differentiate itself from other cannabis players by becoming a global market leader in the research and testing of CBD derived formulations and production techniques.  The company’s products address a spectrum of common ailments that women experience such as sleep disorders, pain management, indigestion, skin irritations, difficulties linked to menstruation, menopause and low libido.  Setilla’s active ingredient, CBD, will be dosed in combination with established oral and topical remedies for various indications to safely achieve efficacy in symptom relief.

“We at Setilla take women’s health very seriously and have a responsibility to deliver factual information with a safe, quality product.  Women are a precious and valuable market, and we are taking our developmental cues from them,” says Patty Djan.  “Educating our consumers is extremely important to us. The Setilla brand is built on efficacy and excellence achieved through scientific research, clean sources and ethical manufacturing,” adds Anna Nesterova.

“Women are savvy consumers, who will do their research to find the credible and effective products that will deliver their desired outcomes.  Setilla will clearly communicate the recommended dosages for optimal efficacy.  It’s our plan to develop a global wellness brand supported by clinical research,” says Olga Jilani.  “In addition, a consistent customer feedback loop will be incorporated to keep our lines of communication open.”

Setilla products will be available through as a single purchase option or a monthly subscription with most items comfortably priced between US$75-$140.  Setilla plans to introduce Setilla Sanctuary, a sampler kit of five miniature versions of its products, which will provide entry level consumers a gorgeous hands-on trial of its wellness offering.

Sinclair Range Inc., is a corporate advisory firm, bringing a wealth of expertise in global brand building, international capital markets and cannabis regulatory frameworks.

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