We are seeking a candidate who is a strong leader, hands-on, results driven and operationally focused to become President of a mid-market, family owned, food processing business located in the Greater Toronto Area.

The President will be responsible for managing approximately 200 employees and implementing budgets and systems to improve operational efficiencies and results.  A desire and willingness to be “on the floor” will be needed to be successful in this position.

The company benefits from an outstanding customer base and growing revenue.  This position is primarily about transitioning the organization and its systems from an entrepreneurial, small business to a sustainable mid-market business and, in particular, to improve operating efficiencies, reduce waste, maintain quality, and improve supply chain and logistics.

The ideal candidate will have food related experience and understand food safety and related audits. They might be a current or former vice president of operations, plant manager or general manager seeking to move to the next level, or a current or past president who has helped to grow profits in this size of business in prior positions.

Interested candidates should contact Scott Sinclair directly at ssinclair@sinclairrange.com