Many businesses struggle to raise capital and, now that capital markets are tightening, finding the right financing is even more difficult.

Here are 5 reasons you should hire Sinclair Range when searching for business capital:

  1. Experience. Scott Sinclair, President of Sinclair Range, has led or participated in over $27 Billion in corporate transactions, most in mid market and smaller businesses. Every client of Sinclair Range receives the direct attention of Scott.
  2. Reputation. Sinclair Range is a leading brand for corporate finance transactions, particularly in difficult and troubled situations. No lender has ever lost a dollar on a financing initiated or led by Sinclair Range.
  3. Independence. Sinclair Range can act as an advisor to your business, completely independent from specific lenders and without ‘buy side’ compensation.
  4. International. As capital markets tighten, businesses need to get creative and expand their search beyond the typical capital providers. Sinclair Range has closed transactions in over 25 countries and maintains active relationships in many of those jurisdictions.
  5. Process. Difficult markets and difficult situations require a different process. Sinclair Range succeeds because it is able to distill complex messages into a simple, understandable story that is of interest to the targeted capital providers.

Do you need help finding money? Email Scott Sinclair directly at and let’s get started.