Reputation = Results x Reach

Personal Brand is another word for Reputation. According to Jeremy Weber of Brand Builders Group, reputation is the product of results (the things you do, positive or negative) and reach (the people that know about your results).

The entire Personal Branding movement is really a movement to take a personal reputation on line to extend its reach.

A couple of quotes from Jeremy to think about:

Consumers need to understand who they’re doing business with. If they figure out they like you and trust you, they may want to take the next steps.”

“And so that’s the big gap. People say – I’m on social media. I do whatever. But they’re not focusing on their reputation and manifesting it on-line.”

“Be really intentional about how you take your reputation and digitize it.”

If you want to know more, the full podcast with Jeremy Weber is on the or wherever you listen to podcasts. Dropping September 13, 2022.