Our Founder, Scott Sinclair, was recently interviewed on The Insider’s Guide to Finance podcast with Cory Cleveland. The episode covers a lot our approach to working with troubled companies and can be found HERE.


  • Get to know today’s guest Scott Sinclair, President of Sinclair Range.
  • Learn about Scott’s company, Sinclair Range and how they help turn around businesses.
  • Scott’s formal training as an accountant and how he transitioned into entrepreneurship.
  • The factors that have allowed Scott to step into so many diverse businesses.
  • The role that monthly projection models play in a business analysis.
  • What it means for a company to embrace change and why it is one of Scott’s core beliefs.
  • Why companies that need to turn around are always resistant to change.
  • Learn how Scott conducts a ‘listening tour’ and why it illuminates what isn’t working within a troubled company.
  • How confirmation bias prevents executives from understanding what isn’t working in their business.
  • An overview of what it means to create winning momentum and why it’s so important.
  • The unexpected challenges of growing revenue.
  • How Scott’s businesses weathered the pandemic. As well as his views on a post-pandemic economy.
  • Scott’s media recommendations, other podcasts and audiobooks.